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ENVIROSTRUCT has a team of experienced craftsmen backed by our head office in Fish Hoek, supported by friendly and efficient administrative staff to assist you with your inquiries. Additionally, we operate from our workshop in Bellville.

Choose from a full range of designs and materials for your decking, cladding, or pergola needs.

Residential Decking

No project is too small
Tailored to match your budget
Enhances property value

Commercial Decking

Efficient, skilled installation teams
Affordably priced
Blends functionality and affordability


Stylish shade solutions
Meticulously crafted for comfort
Perfect balance of form and function


Modernizes indoor and outdoor spaces
Variety of materials and designs
Stylish and contemporary facades


Seamless indoor-outdoor living
Expert craftsmanship
Harmonious and visually stunning spaces

Custom Built

Beyond ordinary installations
Tailored to unique preferences
Innovative solutions, including rain shower flooring

How We Deliver

At Envirostruct, we prioritize a personalized approach to ensure your satisfaction at every step:

  1. Onsite Consultation: We meet with each customer to comprehend your unique needs and aspirations for your outdoor space.
  2. Detailed Quotation: Our transparent process includes a comprehensive quotation outlining deliverables, timeframe, and costs.
  3. Project Commencement: Upon accepting the quotation and settling a deposit, our dedicated team initiates the project within 10-12 working days.
  4. Supervision by Experts: Our Operations Director, Nick Tommey, provides onsite supervision, ensuring adherence to high installation standards and customer satisfaction.
  5. Warranties: We offer relevant warranties for both installation and materials, providing you with peace of mind.
  6. Clean Installation Sites: Our commitment extends to environmental responsibility, with our team handling the removal of old decks and rubble, ensuring a clean and tidy installation site.

Reduced Environmental Footprint

Opting for Envirostruct signifies a conscious decision in favor of optimal benefits for both you and the planet. Our products, designed to be low-maintenance and dependable, stand out as superior alternatives to wood, consistently surpassing the performance of timber and other composite materials. Additionally, they represent an environmentally considerate choice, demonstrating a commitment to Earth-friendly materials that contribute to a gentler environmental impact.

Bamboo: A Sustainable Marvel

Bamboo’s rapid growth and minimal wastage make it an environmentally responsible choice, releasing 35 percent more oxygen than most hardwood trees.

Recycled Plastic Innovation

Envirostruct’s commitment to sustainability includes using composite material made from recycled waste plastics alongside renewable bamboo fiber, creating a highly durable product while preventing millions of tons of plastic from entering landfills and oceans.

Solar-Powered Manufacturing

In recognition of the environmental impact of traditional manufacturing, Envirostruct has embraced suppliers that use solar energy. This transition leads to a daily saving of 2,000 tons of CO2 emissions, aligning with our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Carbon-Neutral Choices

Opting for Envirostruct signifies a responsible choice for personal satisfaction and environmental welfare. Our products stand out as superior alternatives to wood, offering low-maintenance reliability that consistently outperforms traditional timber and other composite materials.

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